Top 10 League of Legends Pro Players you should follow on Twitch

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League of Legends‘ lovers and haters will both agree on the fact that this game is undoubtedly the king of esports: with more than 100 million active players and an average of 80 million monthly viewers on Twitch, LoL is still holding its top position as the most popular esport game among the community.

Those who want to learn about its rules and professional scene or simply improve on it will have plentiful choice on who to follow on the net, as more than 20% of Twitch’s streams are focused on League of Legends. Among them, you might find many different types and levels, but if it is perfection you’re looking for, you will need to follow the professional players that allow the scene to grow day after day.

To help you in your quest, we’ve decided to establish a ranking with the Top 10 current most popular League of Legends professional players on Twitch. Some retired players have become full-time streamers, while some active players are offering content between their tournaments and training. Here again you will have many different choices, and no doubt that one of these guys will satisfy your thirst for knowledge and entertainment.

10. Henrik « Froggen » Hansen

Photo credits: LoL Esports

Froggen’s Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 641,173

Current total number of views: 64,256,300

Stream frequency: daily

Henrik « Froggen » Hansen is a Danish player, renowned for his flawless play on the champion Anivia and for his very precise game mechanics. For a long time, Froggen played within different European teams, among which the well-known Counter Logic Gaming, Evil Geniuses and Alliance. With the latter, he managed to win the playoffs of the Summer EU LCS 2014, which is still nowadays one of his biggest achievements. In 2016, Froggen decided to move to the United States to try a new challenge and joined the North American team Echo Fox. Ultimately, he left a year and a half later as the team was showing no convincing growth and was suffering defeat after defeat. Since then, the player has declared that he wanted more time and consideration before joining another team, so he is currently teamless.

Since the beginning of 2018, Froggen has been training by himself in South Korea in order to come back with the best level, putting aside his Twitch channel to focus on his career. Usually however, Froggen offers regular streaming sessions in order to answers his fans’ questions and requests.

9. Zaqueri « aphromoo » Black

Photo credits: LoL Esports

aphromoo’s Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 658,513

Current total number of views: 64,392,004

Stream frequency: daily

Zaqueri « aphromoo » Black is an American player considered to be the best support player of the North American professional scene. Aphromoo started his career in 2011 by joining different teams as an AD Carry, and finally landed a position as support within the famous Counter Logic Gaming structure late 2013. Except for a few months during which he remained teamless, aphromoo has been with CLG since then and has built his career around the structure and the team. His powerful duo with player Doublelift, an AD Carry, also became very well-known at that time. In December 2017, he ultimately left CLG to form a new team under 100 Thieves‘ tag. It is also said that thanks to his aggressive and precise support play, the community has found a new interest in the support role, which is usually perceived as weak and passive.

Aphromoo is also well-known as a streamer. He started his Twitch channel very early and has earned quite a reputation thanks to his entertaining and open-hearted personality. Right now, aphromoo is streaming high-level LoL plays on a daily basis, and won’t hesitate to show his skills by using unpopular champions.

8. Brian « TheOddOne » Wyllie

Photo credits: LoL Esports

TheOddOne’s Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 883,026

Current total number of views: 198,995,932

Stream frequency: daily

Brian « TheOddOne » Wyllie is a Canadian player of the very first generation, one of the pioneers of League of Legends’ professional scene. In 2011, he joined his first team known as Haters Make Us Famous, and quickly got noticed and recruited by Team Solomid, a powerful structure. He remained within TSM until he chose to retire from the scene in 2014. At that time, TheOddOne was considered to be the best jungler of the world and proved his talent by qualifying to the first three World Championships, the biggest tournament on LoL. He’s also the one who popularized the champions Nunu and Maokai.

In July 2014, TheOddOne announced his retirement as a professional player and chose to become a full-time streamer under Team Solomid’s tag. He himself admitted that the pro scene was too much of a stressful environment, and he wanted a more stable career that would allow him to enjoy his time. Since then, TheOddOne seems to have found his calling, since his Twitch channel is as popular as ever. Nowadays he streams on many different games, but never misses the opportunity to show that he hasn’t lost his skills as a jungler.

7. Joedat « Voyboy » Esfahani

Photo credits: LoL Esports

Voyboy’s Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 949,135

Current total number of views: 107,742,365

Stream frequency: daily

Joedat « Voyboy » Esfahani is once again an « old school » player and one of the first to find his way to the professional scene. People started seeing him around since early 2010 in different small teams from North America as a top laner. His career launched when he joined powerful teams such as Team Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming and later Team Curse. With Dignitas, the player became known as one of the best top laners of the North American scene, and is still nowadays considered as a reference. From 2013 on, he changed his role to play with Team Curse and demonstrated once again how skillful he was, this time as a mid laner. Voyboy is a meticulous player and a strategist. He once said that he perceived the maps as a giant game of chess, and that he enjoyed predicting the right moves to beat his opponents.

In 2016, Voyboy retired from the professional scene to become a full-time streamer. His experience and knowledge of the game and friendly personality have allowed him to gather a large community of fans. On Twitch, he also enjoys playing unusual and unpopular champions to show his skills.

6. Yiliang « Doublelift » Peng

Photo credits: LoL Esports

Doublelift’s Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 1,092,117

Current total number of views: 60,104,526

Stream frequency: irregular

Yiliang « Doublelift » Peng is a name that any fan of League of Legends and its pro scene must know. Doublelift has also been playing since early 2011, but contrarily to the others, he is still an active and high-level top player on the scene. One of the last of his generation. Besides his precise and dominating play, Doublelift is also famous for his difficult character: quick to criticize and rage in any situation, even during official games, his personality already caused tensions with some of his teams in the past. In his career, Doublelift has played for many renowned North American teams such as Counter Logic Gaming, Team Curse and Team Solomid, to which he is most often associated. In late 2017, Doublelift left TSM to join Team Liquid in the hope that he will once again achieve great results.

As you may have noticed, Doublelift is a pretty flamboyant character. Like him or hate him, you’ll have to deal with his attitude if you want to see him perform anyway. On Twitch as much as during official matches, he won’t hesitate to give his opinions in a bit of a dramatic way. But you might as well have a try at it once and find yourself gaping at his talent: it’s worth it.

5. Zachary « Sneaky » Scuderi

Photo credits: LoL Esports

Sneaky’s Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 1,153,367

Current total number of views: 76,722,214

Stream frequency: daily

Zachary « Sneaky » Scuderi is an Amercian player who has been on the North American scene since 2012. After he chose to drop his studies and dedicate himself to esports, Sneaky found his place as Cloud9‘s AD Carry in May 2013, and has never left the team since then. Sneaky is known for his level-headedness and for his flawless control of Jayce, a champion rarely used as a professional level. Thanks to his consistent performance, Sneaky has been a key player to win against C9’s best rival on the NA scene, Team Solomid.

Sneaky’s Twitch channel is also famous for its entertaining tone. With a heavy meme-driven humour and a lot of interactions between the player and his community, those of you who are looking for a clever mix of fun and skills will probably enjoy this stream.

4. Lee « Faker » Sang-hyeok

Photo credits: LoL Esports

Faker’s Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 1,225,193

Current total number of views: 27,702,549

Stream frequency: irregular

Whoever said they didn’t know about Lee « Faker » Sang-hyeok wouldn’t be able to call themselves a real League of Legends fan, or even a real esports fan. This young Korean player entered the professional scene in 2013, and has been considered since as the current best player in the world, best player ever found on the game, and most probably best player in the coming decades. Faker immediatly showed incredible skills after joining SK Telecom on the Korean pro scene, and is still nowadays allowing his team to be the world’s top 1. He won three World Championships as well as many national and international tournaments, displaying his talent on more than 20 different champions, an all-time record.

Early 2017, SK Telecom signed an agreement with Twitch to allow its players to set their streaming channels. In February, Faker logged in for the first time and immediatly set a new record for most simultaneous viewers on a personal channel with a 245,000 viewers peak – more than two thirds of the overall LoL viewers on Twitch. Faker appears on his channel from time to time when he’s not practicing or playing official events, offering high-level games to his community. Keep in mind however than he mostly streams in Korean, and English subtitles are added to the videos later.

3. Søren « Bjergsen » Bjerg

Photo credits: LoL Esports

Bjergsen’s Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 1,415,130

Current total number of views: 88,989,414

Stream frequency: rare

Søren « Bjergsen » Bjerg has also become a legend on the game. The Danish player is famous for being one of the youngest players of the professional scene back when he started, in 2011. At that time, Bjergsen joined different Danish teams, the most renowned being Copenhagen Wolves, which brought him to an international level. In November 2013, he decided to take a chance on the North American scene and moved to the United States, which was something very rare at the time. He then joined Team Solomid, a powerful structure on the NA scene, and quickly reached a top level he’s never left since. Many of TSM’s successes are attributed to Bjergsen’s flawless mid laner play, and to his ability to carry his team in any situation at all costs. Consistent, composed, humble and always playing with a surgical precision, the Danish player is liked for his talent as much as for his personality.

His Twitch channel is obviously as successful as his pro career, and many of his fans enjoy watching the achievements of the best mid laner of the North American scene. Unfortunately, Bjergsen’s appearances on Twitch have become increasingly rare these last months, most probably because the player is focusing on his personal and team training. Despite that, his stream is still a reference for the community and his fans never fail to turn up when he does log in.

2. Marcus « Dyrus » Hill

Photo credits: LoL Esports

Dyrus’ Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 1,430,667

Current total number of views: 206,719,186

Stream frequency: daily

Marcus « Dyrus » Hill is a veteran among veterans. The American player has been on the scene for as long as it has existed, starting on League of Legends’ Beta version in 2010 and joining one of the first team to ever enter the competitive scene. Dyrus quickly got noticed for his aggressive and powerful top laner play, which led him to join Epik Gamer, his first international team. In 2012, he started playing for the famous Team Solomid alongside Bjergsen, with whom he met his greatest successes at the top of the North American scene. Dyrus is also one of the only two players to ever manage to qualify for the first five World Championships, until 2015 when he ultimately decided to retire and become a full-time streamer under TSM’s tag.

Thanks to his experience, Dyrus offers a stream combining entertainment and high-level competitive games. He is also very close to his community, easily gets on rage mode and likes to play epic music during his games. He is well liked for his personality and still very talented, and streams on a daily basis. Thanks to that, he’s become a reference for the LoL community. Nowadays, Dyrus plays many different games on his Twitch channel, but he never fails to keep time for the one that made him this popular.

1. Michael « Imaqtpie » Santana

Photo credits: LoL Esports

Imaqtpie’s Twitch Channel

Current total number of followers: 2,209,788

Current total number of views: 263,287,314

Stream frequency: daily

Where hardcore fans of League of Legends’ professional scene have the obligation to know about Faker, those who spend most of their evenings watching LoL streams on Twitch have the obligation to know about Michael « Imaqtpie » Santana. If you don’t, shame on you. When he first started playing League of Legends, Imaqtpie had no intention whatsoever to become a professional in esports. In 2011 however, his friend, pro player William « scarra » Li, asked him to help form a team, to which he agreed. He then became AD Carry for Rock Solid, which quickly became Team Dignitas. With this structure, Imaqtpie got to perform at an international level for three years and showed great talent. During these three years, he earned quite a great reputation, becoming one of the best North American pro players of his time. He then announced his retirement in 2014 to be a full-time streamer, which he initially intended to become.

Imaqtpie is known worldwide for his flamboyant personality and his fabulous hair. He is also the initiator of many memes and expressions that are still in use within the community, proving how much influence he’s acquired in the world of League of Legends. Day after day, Imaqtpie logs into Twitch to offer up to ten hours straight of stream, combining great humour, knowledge of the game, and hair.

A well-developed professional scene, a heavy and permanent presence on streaming platforms, a loyal and ever-growing community, here is the perfect cocktail that might explain League of Legends’ success, and it seems nowhere near the end.

Of course, this ranking will change as much as the professional scene changes. Promising new players will appear, some will retire and start another career, while some of the current popular streamers might completely disappear. But right now, these 10 LoL pro players are without a doubt the best references for anyone who wish to follow the most successful esports game ever.

Stats sources: Twitchmetrics

– Article written by Tanéa Milesi