After the update on June 22nd, the new Shikigami Higanbana will officially join Onmyoji Arena Battle Royale mode.


Zephyr - Passive effect: If Higanbana does not receive damage for 4 consecutive seconds, she will receive a Haste effect.

Soil Protection - Passive trigger: When Higanbana's abilities hit an enemy, she restores to self.

Deadly Blooms: Higanbana releases Deadly Blooms in the designated direction, dealingmagic damage to enemies that are hit along the way.

Flower Charm: Higanbana releases flower seeds in the designated direction that bloom when they reach their destination, dealing magic damage to enemies that are hit along the way. If it hits an enemy shikigami, the enemy shikigami will be charmed for seconds.

Blood-soaked Flowers: Higanbana summons a sea of flowers in the designated position, immediately dealing magic damage to enemies within range. After that, the sea of flowers gradually expands, dealing magic damage per second. While the sea of f